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# SmdCode Part No. Manufacturer Package Pin Memo Detail
1 AEQ MAX6408BS22-T Max UCSP-4 4 电压检测器,采用4焊球(2×2)芯片级封装 markingcodes
2 AEQ 2SC3839K SC-59 3 Epitaxial Planar NPN Silicon Transistor markingcodes
3 AEQ MAX13017BL UCSP-8 8 +1.2V to +3.6V, 0.1μA, 100Mbps, Dual-Level Translators markingcodes
4 AEQ MAX6408BS22 UCSP-4 4 Voltage Detector markingcodes
5 AEQ MAX6474TA15AD3 TQFN-8 8 300mA LDO Linear Regulator with Internal Microprocessor Reset Circuit markingcodes
6 AEQ MAX6739XKZD3 SC70-5 5 Low-Power Dual-/Triple-Voltage SC70 μP Supervisory Circuits markingcodes
7 AEQ MAX6900TTAEQ TQFN-6 6 I2C-Compatible Real-Time Clock markingcodes
8 AEQ MXD1817XR31 SC70-3 3 Low-Power uP Reset Circuit markingcodes
9 AEQ THS4081IDGN MSOP-8 8 175-MHz Low-Power Voltage-Feedback Amplifier markingcodes
10 AEQ 2SB1424 MPT3 3 PNP Low VCE(sat) Transistor (20V, 3A) markingcodes
11 AEQ 2SC3839K-Q Rhm SOT-346 3 AF, 30V, 50mA, 150mW, B=120..270, >200MHz markingcodes
12 AEQ 2SB1424-Q Rohm SOT-89 3 AF, Lo-sat, 20V, 3A, 600mW, B=120..270, >240MHz markingcodes
13 AEQ MAX8667ETEAA+ maxim 16 THIN QFN 16 1.5MHz、双路降压型DC-DC转换器,带有双LDO和独立使能控制 markingcodes
14 AEQ MAX8530ETTKO maxim 6 Thi n QFN- EP 6 Dual Low-Dropout Linear Regulators with RESET or Low-Noise Output in UCSP or QFN markingcodes
15 AEQ MXD1817_R31 maxim 3 SC70-3 3 低功耗、微处理器复位电路,3引脚SC70/SOT23封装 markingcodes
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