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# SmdCode Part No. Manufacturer Package Pin Memo Detail
1 AAFF MAX13340ETC QFN-12 12 markingcodes
2 AAFF MAX6362PUT26 SOT23-6 6 Low-Power uP Supervisory Circuit with Battery Backup markingcodes
3 AAFF MAX6705LKA SOT23-8 8 Low-Voltage, uP Supervisor with Power Fail In/Out, Manual Reset, and Watchdog Timer markingcodes
4 AAFF MAX6705L-KA MAXIM SOT23-8 0 markingcodes
5 AAFF MAX6362P-UT26 MAXIM SOT23-6 0 markingcodes
6 AAFF MAX6362P 0 markingcodes
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