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# SmdCode Part No. Manufacturer Package Pin Memo Detail
1 A7- RT9011-GMPJ6 TSOT-23-6 6 Portable Power Management 300mA Dual LDO Regulator markingcodes
2 A7- RT9014-GMPQV VDFN-3x3-10L 10 Ultra Low Noise 300mA Dual LDO Regulator with POR, NMOS Driver and Requiring No Bypass Capacitor markingcodes
3 A7- RT9161-40PX SOT-89 3 300mA Low Dropout Linear Voltage Regulator markingcodes
4 A7- RT9198-28PU5 SC-70-5 5 300mA, Low Noise, Ultra-Fast CMOS LDO Regulator markingcodes
5 A7- RT9277BPF MSOP-8 8 markingcodes
6 A7- RT9591PQV VQFN-3x3-16L 16 Smart Photoflash Capacitor Charger with IGBT Driver markingcodes
7 A7- RT9817D-30PH SOT-143 4 Micro-Power Voltage Detectors with Manual Reset markingcodes
8 A7- RT9818A-23PY SC-82 4 Micro-Power Voltage Detector markingcodes
9 A7- RT9818A-25PU3 SC-70-3 3 Micro-Power Voltage Detector markingcodes
10 A7- BAV756S NxH SOT-363 6 Quad, Fast Sw, 90V, 250mA, 250mW, Vf<1.25V(150mA), 2pF, <6ns markingcodes
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